Have a problem? Follow these steps:


Discuss the issue with your MPEA Representative or Association President.

Based on the issue details, you may be directed to contact the Grievance Chair.


Only matters that clearly violate our contract language will be considered for the Grievance Process.

Unresolved Issues

If your matter cannot be resolved at the local level, you may be directed to contact your UniServ Rep. They are available to assist you, but understand they will first ask you if you have discussed it with the President.

Legal Matters

NJEA Member Benefits entitles each member to legal services. You may contact them directly for consultation; however, more complicated matters will require association involvement.

EMERGENCIES and/or periods of CRISIS

Assistance to members is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Be assured that these phone calls are answered by professionals trained to handle sensitive issues. Visit https://memberbenefits.njea.org for details.